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“ We strive to make every project that we work on look as good if not better! ”



We recover / reupholster any piece of furniture, whether it be a sofa, chair, ottoman, loveseat, dining room chairs, kitchen chairs etc. The great advantage with redoing upholstery rather than buying new is that you can pick colors, patterns and fabrics that go perfectly with your window dressings, rugs and overall color scheme.

How often have you eyed something in the showroom, only to get it home and find it clashes?
If you already have well made furniture, replacing it with new furniture of the same quality will likely be more expensive than getting it reupholstered.



Our consultant will walk around the house with the samples and place them next to the drapes, rugs, and other furniture, ensuring a good match. Once you redo the couch, your recliners might look a little off. Not to worry! New upholstery might also do them some good! You can even get them done to match the couch. Or if you prefer, pick out chair upholstery that nicely contrasts and accents the couch.

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